European Association of Archaeologists is an organisation that unites and motivates archaeologists to move the lines of knowledge about the past.
Something about “The EAA Annual Meetings are the highlight of the EAA year, bringing together colleagues from all over Europe to discuss important issues in research, heritage management and commercial practice, ethics and theory, and the newest results of fieldwork. With over 2.000 delegates and 150+ sessions, the EAA Annual Meetings have grown to be an essential event on the European archaeological scene. The omnipresent friendly atmosphere and lively social programme provide excellent opportunities for networking”.

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At the 27th annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists in session 436 CREATIVITY AND RESOURCEFULNESS ONLINE: HOW ARCHAEOLOGISTS AND HERITAGE EDUCATORS OVERCAME THE PANDEMIC AND REACHED THE PUBLIC IN NEW WAYS within the 3rd theme The new normality of heritage management and museums in post-Covid times in exactly 17:30 follow and listen to THE HERISTEM (STEM IN HERITAGE SCIENCES) PROJECT: COMMUNICATING ARCHAEOLOGY DURING THE PANDEMIC.

You will have an opportunity to hear from our dear colleges and partners:
Jasna Vukovic – Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy from the University of Belgrade

Rajna Šošić Klindžić – Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences from the University of Zagreb

Staša Babić – Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy from the University of Belgrade and

Predrag Novaković – Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Arts from the University of Ljubljana.

Big Thanks to the organisers: Sofia Fonseca – Teiduma, Consultancy on Heritage and Culture; German Archaeological Institute; ICArEHB- UAlg and Ben Thomas – Archaeological Institute of America.

HERISTEM at the 27th EAA annual meeting!