The conference Teaching STEM in heritage, to be organized in the last month, is aimed at bringing together all the experiences gained in various teaching and learning activities planned in the project proposal (workshops, exchange, secondments, field schools), share and compare them with the wider professional and academic community. In an open call, the participants will be invited not only from all the partner institutions but also from other educational and professional bodies able to contribute to the discussion. Both practical and theoretical aspects of teaching STEM in heritage related fields will be treated through presentations, discussions, and roundtables.

           The objectives of the conference are:

  • Recapitulate the experiences and expertise gained through the project activities;
  • Compare and amend the knowledge gained with wider professional community;
  • Seek and strengthen synergies across professional and communal domains in order to further promote the quality of teaching STEM in heritage;
  • Discuss and produce concluding recommendations of the project;
  • Present to both the general and professional public the results of the project.

           The conference is therefore aimed at multiple target groups: academics and HE institutions, heritage professionals and institutions, STEM professionals, general public.

           Organizer: the University of Belgrade